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Welcome to Csport

Endorsed by Kevin Brown

Welcome to the Csport store, from here you can place orders for bespoke printed and embroidered sportswear in bulk, which can include printed player initials on individual items within a batch.

Our value packs provide simple options for ordering complete outfits in bulk.

Payment is arranged after the initial orders are placed, this means that special requirements, additions and alterations can be arranged.

Online Store

Price: £5.00

Hoodie (boys)
Price: £11.00

Hoodie (mens)
Price: £15.00

Polo Shirt (boys)
Price: £7.00

Polo Shirt (mens)
Price: £10.00

Price: £7.99

Shorts (boys)
Price: £7.50

Shorts (mens)
Price: £8.99

Price: £14.99

T-Shirt (boys)
Price: £7.50

T-Shirt (mens)
Price: £8.99

Price: £27.50

Vest (boys)
Price: £5.50

Vest (mens)
Price: £7.99

Waterproof Training Top
Price: £22.00

Other Garments available
On Request – Please Email
for other Garment

Email :info@csport.co.uk

An additional £20 set up charge will be added if you order less than 6 items.